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Really messed up & pulled it off 2 years in a row!

We started out on a Friday night and all day Saturday and this year we went Thursday & Friday night and all day Saturday.

The Party is getting started

Jeff Tappie (don't believe the date)

Jim Yoss (cheap stage cover, we do the best we can)

A.D.F.I. (that's the bands name)

Cyndi of A.D.F.I.

Easy Street


Sponsor-Valley Harley-Davidson

The Double Identity Band

Smoke Daddy & the Crawfish (Inside River City)

Greg at Chow Time(not a location)

Visitor from Mary's Cycle, Florence,PA

Uncle Eddie, Robin & Company

Dan Armstrong of Specialty Supply

Sponsor-Honda Direct Line of Bellaire,OH

Valley Harley-Davidson setting up the Dyno? Dah-hah!

Weiner & Barath-Mississippi Delta Blues

Barricade required by Law

Sidewalk Peanut Gallery

"Hot Pursuit"

"JFK" doing it again

Cain of Forward Control

Gratuitous alcohol consumption pic

Yes, that is a No. 43 Steelers Shirt Crook is wearing

Night scene(my camera work ain't got no better,sorry)

Good enough reason to stop by next year?

Taking it to the streets!

WesBanco in the background

Hot Pursuit

Sponsor-Honda Direct Line

Streamline on 14th Street

Uncle Eddie & Robin

Stage/Trailer sponsored by Fleet Service, Inc of Wheeling

Had enough fun, time to go.

AM-1600 WKKX

More "Easy Street"

If you can't ride it, eat it, drink it, or take it to bed, it ain't worth havin'.

A.D.F.I. (You figure it out)

Budweiser, King of Beers!