2013 Summer Concert Series Pics

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14th Street Outdoor Concert Pics

 3 outdoor concerts held this year and here are some of the pictures

The Joseph Sisters

Gary & Amanda

Jeff Tappe


Brothers Of The Wheel MC collecting for Harmony House

Hot Rods get special parking privileges

Forward Control turning up the heat!

14th Street Bike Parking Only!

Sambuco on Drums

Teaser Reunion w/ Greg Molnar guest appearance

Mike Hawk opening us up

Upstairs Craft fair going on Same time

Hit Play Duo Ezra & Greg

DB Rocker

Good Lookin' Scooter

One for the Ladies

OK. I lied. Another one for the Ladies!

JFK rockin' it Again!

Mike Hawk on sound

Mongo & Larry talking bikes

The Tom Batchelor Band

Fine dining at River City

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